Meet the Team: An Interview with Tom Simmons, Co-Founder of Mission PLC

At Mission Property Loss Consultants, our team is our greatest asset. Today, we’re introducing you to our fearless co-leader and founder, Tom Simmons, and giving you an inside look at what drives our passion for the company’s mission.

Tom_s Role at mission plc

Tom’s Role at Mission PLC

As a member of the executive team, Tom’s role is to guide the team and the direction of the business. With a focus on sales and marketing, Tom works alongside other members of the executive team, each with their areas of expertise.

Tom says, “The executives operates as a team. Each member has their role. Mine, for example, is directing the marketing efforts, among other operational responsibilities.”

The Future of Mission PLC

The leadership at Mission PLC envisions increasing the team’s knowledge base, so we can become more efficient at what we do. We can speak with more knowledge and more expertise. That’s buoyed and supported by certifications and knowledge

The Mission PLC difference

As Tom Explains,

Mission PLC is set aside from the rest of the companies out there because of our attention to detail.

Being led by the experience of tens upon tens of thousands of insurance claims as an adjuster and having construction knowledge plays into how we estimate.

We estimate according to what the real world cost is to restore a building what has been damaged.


At Mission PLC, we’re more than just a company – we’re a team. We’re committed to helping you navigate the insurance claims industry, especially during the peak of hurricane season. With our nationwide network, we’re ready to support you.

As Tom puts it, “Client success is our number one priority. If our client is successful, then we’ll be successful.”

Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about Tom Simmon’s work and what we do here at Mission PLC.