About Us

About Us

Mission PLC

Our business model was designed for you. You deserve the best. Business is hard enough. We are here to positively assist and impact the public adjuster and contracting industries. We accomplish this by removing the geographical borders from your business. You can now conduct business nationwide. We accomplish this while remaining affordable. Your world just became smaller.

Our mission is to become an extension of your company. Our goal is to provide so much value at the quality you expect that you can’t afford not to partner with us.

Our History

August 2019 –

Started estimating for Roofing Companies

January 2020 –

Official Launch of the Company

June 2021 – 

Launch of Design of Custom Internal CRM Software

November 2021 – 

Launch of Inspection Service

January 2022 – 

Tim Simmons became Fully Vested Partner

June 2022 – 

Begin Use of Custom Internal CRM Software

Sept 2022 – 

Growth of Team to Eclipse 1M  Inspections Combined Experience

December 2022 – 

Largest Estimate to Date $100M

December 2022 – 

Inspected and Estimated Over $375M 

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Our Year in Numbers | 2022