Annual Maintenance and Storm Inspections for Commercial Properties

Elevate Your Building's Health with Precision and Care - Annual Maintenance and Storm Inspection Redefined

Speedy delivery is part of our commitment. Expect your inspection reports and documents within 10 days following the inspection, ensuring you have critical information when you need it most.

Giving Mission PLC a chance could mean uncovering untapped improvement opportunities for your property. Should our initial inspection or advice not reveal potential enhancements for the coming year, we’ll demonstrate our commitment to your satisfaction with an offer you can’t refuse – we’ll gift you up to $5,000 toward next year’s inspection services completed by us.

Our Expertise

Mission PLC leads with over 1600 monthly inspections, demonstrating our capability and the trust we’ve earned from clients. 

Utilizing the latest technology, our experienced team offers comprehensive and affordable services for commercial and multifamily properties, ensuring reliability and efficiency in every inspection.

Our Service Highlights

Per Square Foot pricing

Enjoy transparent, all-inclusive pricing of up to $0.10 per square foot, ensuring no hidden costs and complete coverage of your inspection needs.

Exterior and Roof Inspection

Our comprehensive approach includes detailed evaluations of building exteriors and roofing systems, identifying potential issues before they escalate.

Interior Evaluations

We conduct thorough inspections inside your property, assessing every nook and cranny to guarantee your space is safe and up to code.

Mechanical System Documentation

Detailed photo documentation of mechanical systems provides a clear record and aids in maintenance and repair planning.

Cost Repair and Solutions

Receive a detailed analysis of necessary repairs with optional solutions, allowing for informed decision-making regarding property maintenance.

Contractor Network Access

Benefit from our vetted contractor network, which offers preferred pricing and ensures quality work at competitive rates.

Insurance Claims Network Access

Navigate property insurance claims effortlessly with our dedicated network to streamline the process and maximize your benefits.

Severe Weather Notifications

Stay ahead of the game with notifications about severe weather events that could impact your property, allowing for proactive measures.

Seamless Data Hosting

With Mission PLC, your inspection data is securely hosted, ensuring easy access and management of your property information.

Discounted Leak Detection

Take advantage of our specialized leak detection services at discounted rates, offering you added protection and savings*

3D Interior Mapping

Opt for our 3D interior mapping service to get a detailed, digital representation of your property's interior, facilitating better planning and management*

$199 Estimate Comparison

Gain peace of mind with our estimate comparison service, where we review your repair estimates to ensure you receive the best value and quality.

Roof Installation Peace of Mind Check

Our Roof Installation Peace of Mind Check is a comprehensive service designed to ensure the integrity and longevity of your new roof. We provide a detailed inspection and assessment by certified professionals to guarantee that your roof installation meets all industry standards and quality benchmarks.

Detailed Cost Repair for Roofs and Exteriors

Detailed Cost Repair service for Roofs and Exteriors provides homeowners and property managers with a comprehensive analysis of their properties' repair needs. Starting with a meticulous inspection, we assess the damage to the roof and exterior surfaces, identifying both evident and hidden issues. Our expert team then compiles a detailed report with photographs, measurements, and a clear breakdown of the necessary repairs and associated costs.

Alternative Repair Solutions

We specialize in delivering innovative and cost-effective repair services for your property's roofing and exteriors. Our approach is centered on sustainability, efficiency, and maximizing your investment. With our services, you can be confident that you are making a wise and valuable investment in the longevity and quality of your property.

Why Choose Mission?

Predictable Pricing, Unpredictable Savings

At Mission, we monitor your property at a fixed, affordable rate based on size. Think of us as the guardians against future disasters, spotting them before they strike. The result? Potentially massive savings for you and your business.

Insurance, Your Stealthy Ally

With our meticulous inspections, watch your insurance costs decrease significantly. It’s not just about saving money but making money through strategic, proactive measures.

Peace of Mind and Value for Money

Our advanced inspection methods, including drone sweeps and comprehensive analysis, are backed by a team dedicated to protecting your property like it’s the crown jewel. Our inspections work tirelessly, so you can rest easy knowing your investment is safeguarded.

Our Promise

Speedy Delivery Guaranteed

Speedy Guaranteed

We promise to deliver your inspection reports and documents within seven days of the inspection. If we fail to meet this timeline, we will offer our services to enhance your building's efficiency at no extra cost.

"We're Here for You" Guarantee

"We're Here for You" Guarantee

You won't be left in the dark after your inspection. Quick, responsive help is our standard. If you can't reach us within a day, expect us to be at your doorstep. We are ready to address your concerns at no additional charge.

Choose Mission PLC for a partnership that extends beyond the annual check-up. Safeguard your future, one meticulous inspection at a time.

What can we do for you? Talk to us.

Our team of professionals is standing by to help.

Facing legal challenges in property disputes can be a daunting task. Mission PLC’s Litigation Support is here to ease that burden. We stand ready to assist you through the intricate litigation process with a steadfast commitment to safeguarding your interests.

Our team of seasoned industry professionals specializes in litigation support, offering the guidance and expertise necessary to navigate the complexities of your case. At Mission PLC, we strive to be your ally and your advocate, ensuring that the decisions made are informed and strategic.

Allow our skilled professionals to provide you with the knowledge and solutions required to secure the fair outcome you deserve. With Mission PLC, you have a dedicated partner in your residential or commercial litigation journey.

What can we do for you? Talk to us.

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